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You sit in your room, playing (your favourite game) until midnight. You look at the clock and think: *Shit, is it really so late?*. So you decide to turn off your (computer/laptop/consol). You lay down on the bed and thinking of your crush from Hetalia. "Damn, he is sexy", you whisper and soon you fall asleep, dreaming about Romano.

--Timeskip by Gilbird--

4 hours later, so 4 am, you woke up. You sit up and looking around, hearing a strange noise in the living room. "Where are these tomatoes?", you hear someone whisper. You stand up and walk out of your room.

Suddenly you see Romano's face before yours and you blush. He stares in your (e/c) eyes and smirks. "Ciao, do you have tomatoes? Ragazza". You blush hard and shake your head. "W-Why do-o you need them?", you stutter.

"Well, I want to make pizza", he explains to you and you ask him: "Now? But it's 4 o'clock in the morning" "I know", he says and shrugs. "Uhm, sorry for that question, but am I sleeping or something or death?", you ask him and he replies: "Why you ask that?" "Because you actually don't exist in my world" "You see I'm real".

You are a bit confuse and then you yawn and whisper: "Actually I should sleep but...I think i can't" "Why you can't....I will be the guardian of your house, i promise. Ragazza", he explains to you and you laugh: "No, that's not the point" "So what is the point?", he wants to know from you.

He come with his face to yours and you shake your head and whisper: "I'm dreaming...I'M DREAMING". Then you hear Romano laughs and suddenly he kisses you deeply. Romano hugs you tight and kisses you more passionately. You always dreamed about this moment and you would hate this life now, if he would disappear like a soap bubble.

After that kiss you look in his beautiful eyes. "Do you like that (name)?" You nod and ask him: "Wait...why do you know my name?". He pulls out a tomato with your name on it. Your eyes widen and whisper: "That can only be a dream". You stare in his eyes and he shakes his head.

"Kiss me again", you whisper and he says: "As you wish", and kisses you again. A few seconds later, he slips his tongue into your mouth and holds you tight to his body. Then he explores your mouth.

Meanwhile Feliciano and his big brother Francis sitting in a tree and watching you two with a binoculars. Feliciano looks into the binoculars and says: "Veee~ They kissing" "Honononon~ i want to see that too", Francis takes the binoculars and looks into it and watch you and Romano. "They are really cute".

"So is this really real?", you ask shyly. "Si", Romano says and nods. "So...but where did you get tomatoes?", you say and he answers: "I think they are not so important now" "Ok?!", you reply and you and Romano go to the bed and sit down and talking for hours.

--Timeskip by Pierre--

You woke up and notice that you are not lying in your bed. Then you see Romano's sleeping face. You blush and think: *He is so cute, when he is sleeping. So it isn't a dream at all*. You place a kiss on his cheeks and stare at him a hour.

After a few moments, Francis and Feliciano come in your room and you scream: "What are you doing here?" "Ragazza, why do you wake me up like this?", he asks you and then he looks around and screams: "The Wine-Bastard is here". Feliciano runs to Romano, hugs him and says: "Veee~, you are so cute with her" "Don't hug me", he says angry.

"But it's true, you are so cute together", Francis explains and Romano screams: "SHUT UP!". Then Feliciano goes to big brother France and they both scream: "KISS HER, KISS HER,KISS HER...". Then Romano looks at you and you blush again.

He takes your chin and kisses you softly. "MORE, ROMANO", Francis shouts. Then Romano kiss you rough, but you like it and reply the kisses. Again he slids his tongue into your mouth and meanwhile Feliciano and Francis scream around and are hyperactive.

Then you break the kiss and smirk. Romano giggles and whispers: "Ti amo (name)". "I love you too", you whisper back and place your forehead to his. You begin to purr and Feliciano and Francis making at the same time: "Oooww". Francis makes a photo of you two and upload it on facebook.
This is a request for :iconfrozenkirby93:
I think it's a crazy and confuse story....probably, i don't know :iconcuteromanoplz:

But i hope you like the story as well :iconfrancisbonnefoyplz:

But its so a weird story :iconromanotomatoplz:

i do not own the characters and hetalia
only the story came from my mind
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The fudgecake and cream cheese...
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*turns red*France, you idiota, I'm gonna kill you if you upload that picture on Facebook!
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Francis has a Facebook?! Time to hack!
Angie120000 Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2014
Upload the photo and i'm killing you Francis!
PrincessOracle Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2012   Digital Artist
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Nice~! You know... I'm sitting right across from you. XD
Mizu1993 Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2012  Professional General Artist
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FrozenKirby93 Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2012  Hobbyist
Maybe a bit. But still nice!
Zippy453 Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2012
xD France and Italy :iconnowkissplz: NOW KISS
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