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May 15, 2013
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!Warning! This Lemon contains a foursome with GAP. So if you don't want to have a nosebleed or something like that, maybe you shouldn't read it ?_? But I know that you will read it anyway ;P

You live with Gilbert Beilschmidt in a mansion, but not as friend, not as girlfriend, as housekeeper. You have to do so much. Household, cleaning, cooking and you have to massage him. On 'good' days, you even have to feed the awesome Prussia.

Most of the time he is sleeping or writing blogs. Sometimes he watches TV and orders food. You think he acts like that way, because his life was hard enough in the past, so you do what he says.

But not only because of that, you earn a lot of money and you can stay in the mansion to sleep here. You are thankfully for it, because to live at home is hell for you. Yesterday he told you that his brother and an austrian friend will visit him, so everything has to be perfectly clean.

So this morning you have to wake up early and quickly you go into the bathroom to change your clothes into the housekeeper dress, that Gilbert forces you to wear, and make you fresh. After that you start to clean, meanwhile the prussian is still sleeping.

After cleaning a few hours, you hear that someone knocks on the door. Quickly you run to it and opens it. You see Gilberts brother and Roderich, the austrian that Gilbert talked a few hours ago.

You bow down and say: "Please, come in. The awesome Prussia is still sleeping. Maybe I should wake him up?!". Ludwig smiles to you admits: "No, don't wake him up, because then he is really mad. We don't want that" "I don't care if he is mad, Ludwig", the austrian says.

You just shrug and decide to clean further, meanwhile the two guys sit down on the couch and talking. You could say that they sometimes watch you and probably stare at your butt. Then you hear your 'master' coming out from his room. Gilbert goes into the living room, where Ludwig and Roderich are sitting on the couch meanwhile you clean further.

"Good morning, master. What do you want to have for breakfast?", you go to him and bow down again. Then you look at him and you wait for his answers: "It would be awesome if you can make us a huge breakfast, with eggs, wurst, cheese,.." "Ok master", immediately you stop to clean and run into the kitchen.

You have to say to him 'master' when you have guests. When you are alone with him, you can talk with him normal. After a while you notice that they speak german, but you aren't listening so much, because you have to focus to make a great breakfast at 11:30 a.m.

After a while you come back with a few plates, then sit down and eat with them. They all
start to eat and praise you how great you made that. You smile at them and Gilbert hugs you from behind and kisses your neck.

"She is really awesome, right?", he says and smiles. You blush a bit and stutter: "T-Thanks". Roderich watches you and says: "Don't you like to work someone else ____________? I think to work in Gilbert's house is not really good"

"You always don't like me, Roderich", Gilbert adds. "You took Schlesien from me", the austrian tells him and Gilbert replies: "But that is so long ago and what should I do when you are weak. Kesesesese~"

The austrian stands up and wants to go to his 'rival', but Ludwig stops him and nearly screams: "You two, stop now. We can't change what happened, so it is fine, ok?". Roderich grumbles a bit and the prussian smiles again, meanwhile the german man sighs.

"Let's play something awesome", the prussian annouce. "And what?", the german wants to know. Gilbert smiles evil and says: "Well, we have only one Frau here, so..." "NO", the austrian says a bit mad. "Come on Roddy, why do you always have to be so grumpy and no fun", Gilbert wants to know.

"I just want my piano and play music, that is all", the austrian says. Gilbert still hugs you from behind and says: "You can play with her too". The prussian licks over his lips, goes under your shirt and under your bra, massages your breasts and then pinches your nipples.

You squeak a bit and hear Gilbert laughs: "See, she makes music too and I think she can moan beautiful, right?". You just blush and look at the german man. Ludwig sighs again and says: "Bruder...was that the idea why you brought us here?"

"Ä of course not", the prussian lies meanwhile he is playing with your tits and making you hot. Ludwig and Roderich tries to distract themselfs and talk about food, meanwhile Gilbert is nomming on your neck and makes lovebites on your neck.

You start to moan quietly and immediately Roderich and Ludwig look at you. You whimpers quietly: "It is not my fault" "I know, but somehow it is sexy", Ludwig annouces and smiles. He comes closer to you, pulls your skirt up and slides his fingers in your slip. "Already wet", Ludwig tells everyone and you blush.

Roderich sighs quietly, goes to you and frenches you. You kiss him back with your tongue and moan a bit. "Yeah, that is awesome", Gilbert says and licks on your neck and massages your breasts further.

Ludwig shoves 2 fingers inside you meanwhile you kiss around with the austrian. After a while, the boys undresses you and themselfs. Ludwig licks on his fingers and tastes your juice: "Taste great ______________"

"Let me taste too bruder", Gilbert says and pushes away the others. He places his head to your lower regions and sticks his warm tongue inside of you. You moan in pleasure and one minute later he pulls away, look at Ludwig and says: "West, you are right"

Roderich smiles and starts to play with your clit. You watch him and moan softly. Now Ludwig is playing with your breasts and licks on your nipples. You moan and whimper sometimes.

You look at the prussian and gasp: "How long do I have to wait?" "Already ready _______________?", he asks you and you nod. The boys let you go and you look at them. Immediately you decide to give Ludwig a blowjob.

He claws his nails into your hair and watches you. The german smiles and tells you: "Such a bad girl". Roderich starts to stroke your butt and Gilbert plays with your breasts again. You increase your speed with sucking on his dick.

Ludwig is moaning loud and then he forces you to stop. You look at him inquiringly and he says: "Let's do it further when we have more fun" "Right, West", Gilbert says quickly, grabs your body and pushes you on the couch.

He lays down and pulls you on him. Quickly he enters his awesome meters in your lower region and you moan in pleasure. The prussian looks at your tits and start to thrust deep into you. Roderich insert himself in the 'wrong hole' and you nearly have to scream.

After you accustom with that feeling, he moves slowly. You moan and both of the guys riding your body harder. Gilbert can't look away from your chest, smiles and says: "I have the best sight here"

You look at the prussian and then you feel that someone pulls your head higher. It is Ludwig and forces you to continue the blowjob. Gladly you take him in your mouth and sucking further, meanwhile the two guys still fucking you.

You decide to lick on his tip and stroke the rest of his member with your hand. You hear the german moan and he claws his hands in your hair again and force you to take his full cock. You suck on him faster and he moans louder and cums in your mouth. You pull away and swallow it.

Ludwig smiles at you and whispers: "Good girl". You smirk at him and he kisses you quickly. After that you hear the austrian moan behind you: "___________, it is so hot, I just can't hold it any longer". Roderich blushes, pulls his member out and cums on your butt.

You moan and feel the cum there and somehow it makes you more hotter. The prussian notices that and pushes himself deeper into you. You moan loud and Gilbert nearly screams: "I want that you scream my name and tell everyone how awesome I am"

He rides you further until you both gasp and moan. After a while he finds your spot and hit there fast. You moan loud and he decides to hugs you tight and fucks you as hard and as fast as he can. Then you feel your orgasm and scream: "Prussia, you are awesome"

He smiles and then cums deep inside you too. You two pant harder than before and then you go away from him and sit down on the couch. The guys smile at you and then you all get dressed again. "That was really awesome", Gilbert screams and hugs you tight. You hug him back, snuggle to him and say: "Yes, master"

Roderich says: "Well, I have to say, it wasn't bad. I liked it, maybe we it again someday". The german blushes and adds: "I enjoyed it too and next time we should change the roles, right?" "Right", you say and smile to them.

After that Gilbert annouces that you will have a free day now, because you were so awesome. So you just talk further with the guys and thinking about that foursome you had with a german, a prussian and an austrian.
Request from :iconshabuscus:

I hope you fangirls are still alive, if not...just comment, I will try to save your life somehow xDD

German Sparkle Party? XD

You all and me belong now to :iconprussiasparklesplz::icongermanysparklesplz::iconaustriasparklesplz:
But I still belong more to Prussia, I think everyone notice that in the story :/

Please, join my group [link]
we need more members :P

i do not own the characters and hetalia
only the story came from my mind
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Leilah301 Apr 10, 2014  New member Student Artist
Oh my god
me while reading this:  :o (Eek)   Neko Emoji-16 (Blush) [V1]  :iconhinatablushplz:  :iconmajornosebleedplz: :iconifaintplz:  :iconimdeadplz:    Good Job!!

:iconpervyprussiaplz: :iconpervygermanyplz: :iconpervyaustriaplz:
LovelySora92 Mar 27, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
You need Doctor Kirkland lol
I probably do lol XD
Holy shitzu.
Luddy come to me now bby ild
Lousiey Feb 28, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Sorry keyboard glitch
Lousiey Feb 28, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
FOr ONCe a lemon ACTually gave Me a nosEBleED holy frick HALP
*nosebleeds, and faints*
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