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November 9, 2012
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(Contains: sexual themes and strong language)
You are Gilbert's girlfriend since a few month. You really love him and you know that you never had such feelings for another person than Gilbert. Everyday you go to school with Gilbert, but he is a class higher then you, but that doesn't matter.

Like everyday after school, you and Gilbert walk to Ludwigs house. Gilbert lives there with his brother Ludwig. Finally you go inside and throw your schoolbag in the corner. You sigh and lay down on the couch.

"Kesesesese~", Gilbert laughs and then he decides to sit on your body and turn on the TV. You shout: "HEY" "Sorry frau, but you are so comfortable", he responses. "Go off of me", you say to him and then he stands up. You sit up and suddenly Gilbert slams you into to couch.

You both laugh and you ask: "Gilbert, for what was that?" "Because i love you frau", he answers and you smirk. "You are so awesome", you say to him and stare in his eyes. "I know", he replies and giggles.

You lay here with Gilbert, he is still on top of you, and watching TV. Then it was advertisment and you both watch it. It is about chocolate and people kissing because of this chocolate. "Thats a weird advertisment", you say.

Then Gilbert stands up and take a chocolate from the kitchen. He decides to sit beside you and eats it. "Do you want one?", he asks you and smiles. "Yes", you say and he answers: "First you have to kiss me". You nod and kiss him passionately.

He whispers: "More". You kiss him rough and after a few seconds you hear a whisper like before: "More". So you slid your tongue into his mouth and fight with his tongue. After this fight, he eats further. "Can I have one now?", you ask him in a cute voice.

"No", he replies and you sigh and ask him: "Why?" "You have to offer more", he says and giggles. "Thats unfair...What do you want?", you add. "You know exactly what I want [Name]", he whispers in your ear.

You notice a shiver down your spine and you blush. Then he kisses you rough and rips your clothes from your body. You squeak and he undresses himself. Gilbert grabs your hands and hold them tight. He press you down on the couch.

He sits on you and you look in his eyes and ask: "And now?" "Kesesesese~ You know the answer", he replies. Then Gilbert whispers to your ear: "You want chocolate? Then we will have fun together and then you become the delicious chocolate".

He blindfolds you with his shirt. Then you feel that he handcuffs you and you gasp. Gilbert pushes his 5 meters (i hope it isn't really 5 meters xD That could be hurt then :/ ) into you and you moan loud. You hear that he turns off the TV and then he kisses your neck.

Gilbert is still thrusting into you and you moan in his ear, while he is licking your neck. "Gilbert, ahh...faster", you whisper. "Like you wish", he responses and you feel his thrusts  are faster then before. You moan loud.

Gilbert decides to uncuffs you, so you notice very quickly that your hands are free. Immediately you claw your nails in his back. Then he removes his shirt from your eyes. You look at him for a few seconds, but soon you have to close it again, because it feel so good.

The Prussian kisses you rough and forces himself deeper into you and you squeak again. He rises up his tempo and you moan his name. "Say it...aga-ain", he moans.

Meanwhile Ludwig and Feliciano come into his house. You two didn't notice them. Ludwig hears his older brother moan. He only see Gilbert and he asks himself, who will be the other person.

Ludwig gives to Feliciano a sign, that he should go to Ludwigs room. The italian follows the command and runs to Ludwigs room. Slowly, Ludwig goes to the couch and hides.

"AAH Gilbert", you scream and turn higher your voice. Gilbert lays down to you and smirks. Then he thrusts into you faster and you claw your nails so much into his spine that he starts to bleeding, but both of you didn't notice that yet.

"Gil...", you moan loud and feel that your walls inside you tighten and finally you feel your orgasm. "[NAME]" Gilbert moans and cums inside you.

Ludwig shakes his head and think: *Why she? We are so long friends and now my brother fucks her. Thats not awesome brother* "Ah that was awesome", Gilbert says and closes his eyes.

Ludwig jumps infront of the couch and screams: "NO IT'S NOT AWESOME". Gilbert and you are shocked for a moment and then you two shout: "LUDWIG". You hug Gilbert tight and look at Ludwig. "How long are you standing here?", Gilbert wants to know. "Long enough, bruder. Can't you do that in your room. The couch is new, you know that", Ludwig explains to him and sighs.

"I'm sorry", you whisper and look at Ludwig. Ludwig turns around and screams: "You two have 60 seconds time to take your things and then run in your room". Gilbert and you take your things quickly and run to Gilberts room.

He locks the door and pants. "Damn bruder", he says and sighs. You walk to him and hug him. "But we had an awesome time", you add and give him a peck on his cheek. "Thats true", he responses and you smirk and ask: "Can I have chocolate now?".

Gilbert looks at you and gives you the chocolate: "Here" "Thanks", you take the chocolate and eat it, while you stare in his red eyes.
I hope you like the story :P
Now you belong to :iconhawtprussiaplz:

:iconsexyprussia6plz: : Haha now she belong to me bruder
:iconchibigermanyplz: : Please, go in your room
i do not own the characters and hetalia
only the story came from my mind
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Bonus: Germany's expression.

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