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You are invited to Prussia's home, actually in Germany's house, because they live together. You walk slowly to the house and you lost yourself in thinking about Prussia. He said that he wants to show you how good the meals of Prussia are. You are a bit nervous and exciting.

A few minutes later you knock on his door. "Coming", you hear Gilbert scream. Then he opens the door and lets you in. "Is Ludwig here too?", you want to know and he replies: "No, he has to take care of some business"

"So, you want to proof me, that prussian food is good?", you ask him and he says: "Jep". Then he goes back to the kitchen and you sit down on the chair. You notice that on the table is standing a beautiful blue candle, which is shining and of course he didn't forget about the cutlery and the serviette.

10 minutes later he comes with the appetizer. You look at it and recognize it is a soup. "Ah Gilbert...what is this?", you ask him quiet. "Kesesesese~ It's called Kuttelsuppe" (or in english it would be tripe soup)

You look at the food and then to Gilbert. "I-I can't e-eat this!", you say. "Why?", he wants to know. "Actually it looks disgusting", you whisper and don't look at him or at the soup. Gilbert looks at you and answers: "Ok, then I will eat it" "You serious?", you ask him.

He takes the soup and sits down beside you. You watch at him all the time while he is eating the soup. "You don't really want to try? It's really good", Gilbert says. You reply: "I only try the soup, but not the thing inside the soup"

Gilbert nods and then he prepares the spoon only with soup and feeds you. "And?", he asks you and you swallow the soup down your throat. "Hmm...I don't like it", you answer and he shrugs and eats the rest of the soup.

"I hope you like the main course", he says and goes back to the kitchen. You answer quiet: "I hope so too". You sigh and it doesn't take long and he serve you the main course, Königsberger Klopse"

You look at the food and then look again to Gilbert. "Don't tell me again, that you don't like it. Come on, it's awesome prussian food". You think about a few seconds if you should eat this and then you decide: "I will eat it, if you feed me"

Gilbert sighs and says: "Ok, I will feed you, but it doesn't taste awful". So he begins to feed you and you eat it. After a few minutes, the plate was empty. "And? Was it so bad?", he wants to know and you answer: "It was ok, but I can waive of this food"

"Damn, I didn't know you are so snivelling with food", he says and goes back to the kitchen. "Well, I am. Now you know", you say and sigh. *What will come next?*, you think and then you see him with...cookies?! They look like them.

"So now these are Königsberger Marzipan", he explains to you and put the plate infront of you. You smirk and decide to play with him to annoy him a little bit. You look at them and then you look to Gilbert.

"Should I feed you again, that you eat them?", he says a little bit angry. You laugh and reply: "No, it's fine". You eat them and say: "They taste good, I like them" "Wow, one food you like, actually it isn't food, it's a sort of sweets", he speaks.

You look at him, take one of them and feed Gilbert. He smirks and eats it. Then he says: "Do you like something to drink. It's from Prussia too, like Bärenfang, Kopskiekelwein or Ochenblut?" "HELL NO", you answer and giggle.

Gilbert sighs again. You look at him and say: "I'm sorry, but I don't have the same taste like you" "It's ok, I just want to try. I thought...maybe you like prussian food", he says a little bit disappointed. "I like Königsberger Marzipan"

He sighs again and goes back in the kitchen. *Why is he so frustrated right now?* you think. So you stand up and go to Gilbert. "What's wrong Gilbert?". you want to know. "It's nothing", he answers while he clean up the kitchen.

*He is so different now...What should I do?*, you ask yourself and then you say to him: "Gilbert...even I don't like prussian food, it doesn't mean that I don't like you". You notice that he quits with cleaning and looks at you now.

It's like his eyes drills inside you, then you speak further: "I love a prussian, you know". You gulp and recognize that he smirks and goes to you. You feel his arms wraps around your waist and you notice his warm breath against you neck.

Gilbert whispers in your ear: "How does this prussian look like?". You feel a shiver down your spine and stutter: "He-e has red e-eyes and whi-ite hair and he ha-as a little brother". Then you look at him and immediately he kisses you.

Your eyes widen and you feel your heart pounding against your chest and Gilbert pulls you closer to him. Soon you close your eyes and enjoy the kisses. After a while he breaks up the kiss and you look at him. Actually you want to say something, but you don't know what.

"That was awesome, Kesesesese~ I think we should do this again", he says and smirks. You nod and notice that he strokes your hair. "Do you want to be mein awesome girlfriend?", he asks you and you stare in his eyes and reply: "I would love too, even I don't like your food" "It's ok, but Wurst and potatoes you will eat", he speaks and you giggle: "Of course, Mr. Beilschmidt". Then you begin to laugh and he hugs you tight.
I hope you like it ^^

If you are interested in these meals and drinks, look at this: First you have to write in Google : 'Königsberg'. Then you click on the first link. It should be wikipedia and it would be good, if it is in german, because then you see can see the 'Kulinarische Spezialitäten'. Then you go down until 'Kulinarische Spezialitäten'. It's really far below and there are the things which I list in this story. If the page is not in german, you can't see the foods.

I tried to make links inside the text, but then the smileys are in the links and make the link dead -.- So i have to try to explain it here to see them -.-

All fans from Gilbert belongs to him :) yay xD :iconmrgilbertbeilschmidt:
i do not own the characters and hetalia
only the story came from my mind
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