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December 14, 2012
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Today you decorated your chtistmas tree and after 2 hours of work, the tree is finally ready for christmas. Unfortunately you have no one to celebrate, but even so, you want to have a christmas tree in your apartment. Soon it is Christmas and the only thing you wish for, is a boyfriend.

Acutally you have a crush on Gilbert and you kneel down before the christmas tree and pray. You pray that you will find a boyfriend soon or that you will meet Gilbert someday and be with him forever.

~~~~~~~~~~~ Timeskip to the 24th December ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

This day is kinda boring for you...until yet. You watched TV the whole day and on every channel they talk about christmas. You watched until 5 p.m. Then someone knocks on your door. 'Who is that?', you thought and stand up to open to the door.

You saw Tino (Finland) and stare at him. Then he starts to talk: "Hi _________, I heard you are alone on Christmas and you like Gilbert". You blush and ask him shyly: "Where did you know that?". Tino laughs and answers: "Santa told me so and look what I found....". You look at Tino and he pulls Prussia to himself.

Your heart beats fast and you look at him. His hands are bound with christmas cords and his mouth is taped up with a cellotape. You notice that Gilbert sighs and looks to Tino. Tino  pushes Gilbert into your apartment and smirks.

"So, have fun. If he can behavior good, he can stays with you like you want", the finnish man says and you nod and say: "Thank you". He whispers back: "No problem ______". And after that he goes away and now you have Gilbert in your antechamber.

You drag him into the living room and let him sit down. You take a scissors and cut him free from the cords. Then you try to remove the cellotape from his mouth. You say to him: "I don't want to hurt you to much, but you know that thing have to go away". The only thing he could answers is: "HmmHm"

"Poor Gilbert", you whisper and take off the cellotape. Then Gilbert speaks: "Finally. It was a horror to have a cellotape on my mouth and I couldn't talk how awesome I am. And this cords drived me crazy too and you saved me". You nod and response: "Yes I saved your awesomeness"

He smirks and looks in your eyes: "You agree that I am more awesome than you, more awesome than the whole world, MORE AWESOME THAN THE WHOLE UNIVERSE?!". You think to yourself that he exaggerated it, but you agree: "Yes, you are the most awesome person, thing, creature, whatever, in the world and universe"

You see him blushing and you bursting out in laugh. He looks at you in shock and then he admits: " can't handle my awesomeness". Then you stare in his eyes and say: "I can handle it, but you actually don't know it"

"No way, no one can handle the awesome Gilbert", he says convinced. You giggle and whisper: "Hey Prussia?" "Hm", he replies and looks at you. Then you ask him: "Do you know why you are here?". He shakes his head and you sigh.

You explain to him: "I think it's my fault, but I like your awesome aura and your eyes are so beautiful red and your silver hair fit you so much, you ar--", he cuts you off and screams: "YOU HAVE A CRUSH ON THE AWESOME GILBERT"

You blush and hide your face while he is laughing. "Kesesesese~ But a lot girls have a crush on me. Why I am here?", he asks you and you answer: "Well, on this day, where I decorated this christmas tree, I prayed to have a boyfriend soon or that I will meet you and..."

You know what you prayed, but you couldn't say it. Gilbert asks totally curious: "And what? Will I die? I will die right? Noo, the awesome me can't die, how could I forgot how you finished this sentence". You gulp, turn around to face him and whisper: "...and stay with you forever"

He laughs again and admits: "You are awesome frau. You sure you want that?". "Yes, I think so, is it wrong?", you ask him and he giggles and says: "No, it's not wrong". He stands up and hugs you tight.

You closes your eyes and snuggles to him. You stand with him there a few minutes. After that he strokes your hair and looks into your (e/c) eyes. Then you notice that his head is coming closer to yours and he closes his eyes slowly.

'Will he really kiss me?', you though and you feel his soft lips on yours. Immediately you closes your eyes too and kiss him. He wraps his arms around you and kisses you further. You never were so happy. You sigh happily in the kiss and he slids his tongue inside your mouth to explore it.

Your mind switched to off and you feel like you are his puppet, but that doesn't matter you now. You two kiss further until he breaks up the kiss. Slowly you sit down and look at him. Actually, for you, everything went so quickly and you have to order you mind and ask him: "Did you...really kissed me?"

He looks at you and answers: "Yes, the awesome me kissed you". Your heart beats fast and you look at him. Then Gilbert takes you in bridal style to your bed. Gilbert covers you and himself with the bedcovers. You snuggle to him and whisper: "This is the best christmas I ever had"

He kisses your forehead and smirks. Then the prussian looks at his phone, he notices it is 11.05 p.m. "Frau, it's still christmas, I could make this day more special", he whispers into your ear and you whisper back: "How?". He hugs you and whispers sexy in your ear: "I could invade your vital regions. Would you like that?". You blush and nod. And so he invades your regions on christmas and you two will stay forever together.
I hope you like it ^^

Please, join my group [link]
we need more members :P

All Fans of Prussia and their vital Regions belong to :iconprussiasparklesplz:
I do not own hetalia or the characters
Only the story came from my mind
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Yes my vital regions have now been claimed by prussia and ONLY THE AWESOME PRUSSIA my Christmas wish came true
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And part two?
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I don't think that I will make a part 2, but who knows :)
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