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You are born as a mermaid, as a rich one, because you are the princess of a province in the sea. You love it there and you always wondering what is above the sea, but you aren't allowed to watch. Your parents are too worried about you and they have to look for a perfect partner for you, because someday you will get the queen and you need a king and offsprings.

Of course you have a lot of friends, nearly everyone wants to be your friend. They think that they will get more money if you are friends with them. One day you swim around and see something on the water surface. You swim there, grab that thing and look at it.

It is a paper, so you fold it up carefully that it not tears up. You see a handsome man there, but he looks like one from the military. You get curious, but you know that you will have no chance to see him or talk to him.

So you swim down again and keep the paper. Quickly you swim into your room and hide his photo. After that you are hardly thinking how you could meet him. Unfortunately for you, you don't know where he is living or how people live.

___________________Timeskip - 2 weeks later________________

You grab the paper again like everyday, watch at the photo until you notice something bad. The earth and the water start to shake. Is this an earthquake? You hear the others screaming around, so you quickly swim outside and see everyone in panic.

Actually the quake stoped, so they could live normal further. But soon you notice that isn't just an earthquake, because the next shake comes again and a few starts to cough and soon dying.

Quickly you swim out of your province to see strange things, like bombs and missiles. You see fishes dying and now you get really sad and angry. As fast as you can you swim at the water surface and then swim to the beach to see who the culprit is.

You see a few men, still shooting those things into the water. You scream at them: "Hey, stop that". Finally they notice you and go to you. One of them says: "Who are you? Where are you come from?"

In that moment you notice that you broke the rules from your folk, but you only try to save your people. You quickly answer: "I am ______________, princess of a huge province in the sea"

The men start to laugh. They make you much more angry and you slap them with your flipper. One of those man speaks: "What? How is that possible?" "Idiot, I am a mermaid, so stop this, we want to live in peace in our ocean. If not I will all slap you so hard that you all...."

You couldn't speak further, because you recognize that one man comes to you. It is the man from the picture, which you still have in your room. Your heart start to beat fast, but you know that you can't give up only because he looks hot.

Meanwhile in the sea, everyone tries to help the others and your dad is still looking for you. But after a while, they have to swim away, all of them. They would probably die if they would stay there and they can't wait so long until you return.

The man looks at you a bit shocked and you scream at him: "What are you looking at me so stupid?" "You...You are a mermaid?!", he wants to know and you answer him: "Yes, looks like that. So can you please stop to shoot those awful things into the water? By the way, who are you anyway?"

"I am the awesome Gilbert Beilschmidt, frau. You should know me. I am Prussia, the mighty Prussia. And who are you?", he tells you and you just look at him in disbelieve. You reply: "I am _____(F/N)_____ ______(L/N)_______, princess of a huge province in the sea. Actually I saw you on that one paper I found on the water surface. I thought we could .... never mind. You are an ass if you kill my people"

You start to cry, because you feel like that and you hope he would stop and make your wishes come true. He looks at you and says quickly: "Uhm...of course we will stop ____________ and leave your folk alone" "But it is probably too late...because you all poison them and the fishes are dead too", you tell him and quickly slap him with your flipper too.

Actually he deserves a lot more of those slaps, maybe you should even kill him for that. Gilbert falls the the floor, but immediately he stands up and says: "That was not nice, frau" "You are not nice too", you answer him.

Then you notice something behind you, it is Arthur. "I was looking for you the whole time _____________. We thought you are dead and all of us moved further to find a new place where we can live", the merman said.

Gilbert looks at both of you and then screams: "ARTHUR?! WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING HERE?". Now the english man notice the prussian and shouts: "Are you completely crazy? Why are you shooting bombs and missiles into the sea?! And you ask what I am doing here?! I could ask you the same. You know that I can use magic. I live here and on the land. I change myself 3 times on a day"

The prussian feels really awkward now and tells them: "I didn't know that mermaids and mermen exist and I became that order to sink them into the sea". You know about Arthur's secret, actually everyone knows it from the sea, only the humans don't know how it looks like. You decide to whisper in Arthurs ear, that you have to revange your folk and so you want to have Gilbert as a merman too.

Arthur is a bit shocked about that, but still he has to do that what you said. He starts to tell everyone: "Well, princess _____________ wishes that I turn Gilbert into a merman. It is her revange so please go back"

You swim a bit away and Gilbert's men flee. Gilbert tries to stop them and scream at them, meanwhile Arthur is doing his magic and a few seconds later, the prussian has a flipper-tail too and tries to move somehow on the sand.

You watch him moving and start to giggle. "This is not funny, frau. I order to turn the awesome prussia back", he screams meanwhile you still laughing and tell him: "No, you will live now as a merman"

The prussian starts to grumbles and says: "Nooo. And where are my awesome meters??? Don't tell me that they are gone". You and Arthur ignores his question and you both grab his hands and drag him into the water.

"I hope that you two know that I can't breath under water, so it would be nice to turn me back", the prussian tries to convince you, but Arthur replies: "Oh come on, are you afraid?" "Whaat? The awesome Prussia is never afraid", he says. You smile and annouce: "Well, than it can't be a problem to dive in"

You grab his hand and pull him down. Of course, he tries to defend himself, but soon enough he notices that he can breath under water too. You swim with him and Arthur to your 'old' province to show Gilbert what he did.

"This is what you have done. Do you like it?", you ask the prussian and he start to cough and shakes his head. Then you speak further: "Actually I should leave you here and because you can't swim so good yet, you would die here too. But because I am not so cruel like you, I will make you...You can live with me"

Quickly you swim into your room, take out the paper and hide it in your hand, then you swim back to them. Somehow the prussian starts to blush and Arthur shows you the way to the new province. But it doesn't look that good, because they still have to build everything new.

Of course the castle where your parents and you live is already finished, so you swim into your room with the prussian and hide the paper in a cabinet. Arthur is living two rooms away from you, he is something like a messenger for you.

You lock your room and start to talk with the prussian and you often complains about what he had done to you and your folk. After a while Gilbert asks that question again: "Hey Frau, where are my meters? I didn't found them yet"

You start to blush and tell him: "Uhm...I will show you when the time is right" "But they are still here, right? I mean, how should become mermaids babies? Kesesese", he says and you tell him: "Don't worry and of course it is still there"

After a very long conversation with your future husband, what he still doesn't know, you fall asleep on him in your bed. Gilbert is still awake, because he can't sleep and he is curious about that paper you put in that one cabinet.

Carefully he swims out from the bed and looks into the cabinet to searches that paper. Soon he finds it and sees that picture from him. Beside the picture is standing: "I love you". He is sure that you wrote that and now he knows, why he became a merman.

Quickly he swims into the bed again and snuggles to you. This wakes you up and you hear his voice: "_______________, I saw your paper with my pic. You should definately show me, where my awesome meters are". You start to blush hard again and nearly scream: "No way...not now. Try to find it out on your own"

You turn around and try to sleep further. Gilbert looks under the blanket and just sees his flipper. He whispers to himself: "Dammit"

Extended ending:

___________________Timeskip - 3 hours later_________________

You are asleep again, but Gilbert is still awake, trying to find out where his beloved member meters are. So he decides to swim away again, opens your door and swims to Arthur's room. He knocks on his door until the english man opens it. Arthur whispers: "Dammit, Gilbert. Do you know how late it is?" "Ja I know, but you have to tell me how... you know", the prussian speaks quietly.

Arthur sighs, drags him inside his room and closes it. "If ____________ don't want that you know it, then you shouldn't know it" "What? I have to know it", the prussian tries to convince the english man. Arthur sighs again and tells him: "I will not to tell you, where you have to can imagine it or?"

Gilbert hugs him and says happily: "Thanks, you saved my life, kesesese". Arthur gets really annoyed from him and pushes him out of his room. Quickly the prussian swims back to you bed and wakes you up again.

"What is it, Gilbert?", you ask him half asleep. "I know how to make babies", he tells you and smirks at you. You look at him shocked and slaps him with your fishtail where his lower regions are hidden. "Auuu, you are so mean to me", he nearly screams. You have to smile and say: "Go to sleep" He puts an arm around your body, presses himself to you and whispers to you: "I will"
I hope you like mermaids :D And I hope you like the story.
I wanted to make it a bit different like the others, I hope i did that good.

Please, join my group [link]
we need more members :P

i do not own the characters and hetalia
only the story came from my mind
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JadetheKidR9 Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2014   General Artist
(Me) :iconthrowplz: NO BABIES! FOR LIKE... FIVE YEARS!
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Funny and Cute Prussia as a merman I would like to see that
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For some reason I'm still asking myself,"Where are his awesome five meters...?" CX
momopeach101 Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
...merman Prussia will invade your mermaid vital regions????
xXArtimisXx Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
Gil, you are sooo weird sometimes... ^^;
leakittychan Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2013
ahhhaha I hope Gil found all of his meters!
Mizu1993 Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2013  Professional General Artist
I think he found them :D
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Namichiko Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2013
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I don't know why but now I need to know what happened to the 5 meters..... And how are merbabies? Born.
Mizu1993 Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2013  Professional General Artist
I looked at that yesterday, so the presumption is, that they make babies like wales or dolphins. Just look in google how they do it xD And I just let his 5 meters dissapear and if he rub, they come out somehow? XDDD I don't know, sounds maybe you just imagine something else or this
Flyingmintbunny32 Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
..........okay nice too know.
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awesome story~
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