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November 23, 2012
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(Contains: nudity and strong language)
You enter the schoolbuilding. It is your first day on the new school and you searching for your class. Finally you found it. You decide to knock on the door and then you enter the classroom. You are a little bit different from the others. You have cat ears and a tail and you can make perfectly cat noises.

"Oh you must be the new student, so introduce yourself", you hear the teacher saying. You go to the blackboard and you shyly say: "I'm _____ ______. Nice to meet you". You notice that only one seat in the last row is not occupied, so you walk quickly to the seat and sit down.

You whisper: "I'm glad that it's over, I hate introduces". "Kesesesese~", you hear your seatmate laugh. "What's so funny?", you whisper and he answers: "Nothing". You recognize that your class have now physic lesson.

You yawn and watch at the teacher. Suddenly you notice a hand on your [t/c] tail and you are sure it isn't one of your hands. You look at your seatmate who is stroking your tail. You really like it, but it's not the time now for touching and teasing, you both should listen to the teacher.

Then you notice he is the same breed like you. You ask yourself, why didn't you saw that first. He has fluffy white cat ears and a white tail. So he know that ... it is mating season...oh no. Why he has to be a male and from the same breed?!

Thinks like that came in your mind and you look at him. He smirks and strokes your tail further. For you both, it's the first time to 'enjoy' this season. You blush and he finds a sentimental spot on your tail and rub it with his thumb.

"MEOW", you squeak and everyone turns the head to you. You blush extremly and you hear the male laugh. Your teacher, Mr. Edelstein, goes to you and look at you. "I'm sorry", you whisper. Then Mr. Edelstein looks to your seatmate and says in a strictly tone: "Gilbert?!"

So his name is Gilbert. You look at him and he looks a little bit uncomfortable. Then your teacher goes to the blackboard and continue his lesson. In the next 10 minutes nothing happen and you are glad because of that, but the peace change soon.

Gilbert places his tail on yours and you twitch with your whole body. Then he leans to your ear and starts to purr. You didn't want to admit, but you like that, actually you have no choice, because your body speaks a different language then your head now.

You start to purr too and close your eyes. Gilbert notices this and strokes your thigh. His tail move to the other side and punching the floor uncontrollable. So that means he is exciting. You sigh, how should you protect your virginity this day?

Gilbert whispers in your ear: "Your scent is getting stronger" "Please...don't say that", you reply and blush. "You are so cute", he whispers and strokes your cheek. At this moment you recognize, there is no way to save your virginity today.

You hear that Mr. Edelstein goes again to you and Gilbert. You look at him and he asks: "What's wrong with you both?". Gilbert smirks and answers: "It's mating season, it's not my fault" "Ok, then you two go home, then I can hopefully continue my lessons without interruptions, but tomorrow you two are normal, ok?".

You didn't believe what he said, you and Gilbert are allowed to go home. To go home is great, but Gilbert too? "Ok, the awesome me promise it", Gilbert says. He takes your hand and pulls you out of the building.

"Frau, you can be glad that the awesome me is here. Because of me, we have an off day. Isn't that awesome?", he asks you and you nod. Then he grabs your wrist and pulls you to his home. "Hey, where are we going?", you want to know and he answers: "Do you really think that we go different ways now? No way".

You sigh and Gilbert drags you in his apartment and then in his bedroom. He locks the door, pushes you in the bed and he jumps in the bed beside you. You only watch at him. Then he takes your wrists again and pushes you down on the bed. "You can't be serious", you say to him.

Suddenly he kisses you. You try to free your wrists to slap him, but everytime you try, he increases his grip. While he kisses you, your eyes are open. You can't focus on the kiss, because you are in shock and you don't know if you should like it or not.

After he breaks the kiss, you say shyly: "Let me go". He shakes his head and takes of his shirt. For the first time you see a well toned body. You look at his body and he leans to your ear and whisper in a sexy tone: "You scent is getting stronger. It' smells so sweet".

Then the male take of your shirt and massage your breast, even they are hidden by the bra. "Let me go", you whisper again and he laughs: "Kesesesese~ I don't think you want to leave". Gilbert unclaps your bra and stare at your breasts. He have to controll himself now not to drool.

He takes one dug in his mouth and massage your other breasts. "MEOW", you squeak again. He smirks, he likes the way you make that noise. He notices that you are getting wetter, so he unclothes you both and then he carefully nibbles on your dug.

You gasp and recognize that you can't control your tail anymore and he twitches around to let Gilbert know, you are exciting and you like it. The male discerns your tail and smirks, you are now his. You feel his hard member pokes against your entrance.

"Beg for this 5 metres of awesomeness, my beautiful kitty", he whispers sexy. "Meow...take me", you nearly scream. "As you wish", he smirks and enters you. Then you notice a pain inside you and you gasp. You wait a minute until he moves further.

You close your eyes, while he decide to move deeper inside you and move faster. Gilbert grabs your boobs and moan with you. You gasp and moan louder, spread your legs, only to let him deeper inside you.

He speeds up his thrust and you moan in pleasure and claw your nails in the pillow. You hear him moan: "Please, make this sweet noise again". You gasp hard and look at him. Gilbert stares in your [e/c] eyes and hit your sweet spot a few times. "MEOW", you scream and feel your walls squeeze his shaft, while your orgasm make you feel good.

Immediately he realizes his orgasm too and takes out his 5 metres. Gilbert lays down beside you and you both pant hard. A few seconds later you look at him and see that he is sleeping. You smirk, take the blanket and cover you both. Soon you fall asleep too and dream from the awesome Gilbert.
I hope you like the story, meow ;D :iconprussiawantsyouplz:

But the story is so ... bad :iconohgodwhyplz:

Prussia's comment: :icongilbowthplz:

My comment: Please forgive me Gil

You are so awesome *-* In 3 days 100 favourites and over 1000 viewer
:iconiloveitplz: THANKS, you make me happy

i do not own the characters and hetalia
only the story came from my mind
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