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November 13, 2012
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You sit in the bathroom, only wearing a towel around your body. Beside you is your mobile phone and a razor. You often went to a psychiatrist, but you always feel so depressed. Actually, your main problem is the Bad Touch Trio. You love them, more then the whole world.

You sob and cry in your bathroom, you locked the door and with teary eyes you look at the razor. Now you wish is to scream out their name and say them, that you love them. You take your mobile phone and you notice that your body begins to shiver.

You whisper to yourself: *Now or never, probably they will hate me, but i have nothing to lose. I have only these boys and now i will lose them...probably*. So you type in your phone: "Before I go, I just wanted to say, I love you".

You cry further and think about to send the message to Gilbert, Francis and Antonio. "I shouldn't care", you whisper and press on the 'send' button. Your heart race and you take the razor and watch at the blades.

"MY AWESOME PHONE WANTS TO TELL ME A MESSAGE", Gilbert shouts in the apartment of the BTT. "Mine too", Antonio answers him and at the same time, Gilbert, Francis and Antonio reading the message.

"Chica loves me...But what the hell those the chica mean with 'Before I go..', amigos?", the spaniard wants to know. "Did ma belle said about to fly away or something...Ah she loves me too ^^ Mon amour m'aime", Francis says, but Gilbert shakes his head and admits: "Kesesesese~ She loves the awesome me too, but I don't you guys think what I think?"

"Hm", Francis and Antonio mumbles. Gilbert explains to them: "We know that she often went to a psychiatrist. Maybe...[Name] want to kill herself. Damn, we know her since 5 years". Gilbert takes his keys and screams: "Don't you two want to come with me?".

Immediately Francis and Antonio stands up and the BTT run to their car. Gilbert starts the car and drives to your apartment.

"They didn't send me a message back, none of them...I knew it", you say to yourself and sigh. You take the razor and cut in your arm. You watch your blood running out of your body. You begin to love this color of your own blood.

You put the razor on your veins and look at them. *I'm scared, but I have to do this*, your mind says to you. So you try to switch off your feelings and cut in your veins. You sigh and lay down on the red carpet on your bathroom. So you close your eyes and decide that the last thoughts of your life would be the BTT.


Gilbert parks his car infront of the house, where your apartment is. He sighs and the BTT jump out of the car and run to your apartment. Francis tries to opens the door, but it's locked. "Do you think the belle femme drive away?". Antonio watches at Gilbert, who opens the door with his violence.

"Ok, now we learnt to open doors, if they are locked", Antonio says. "In this situation, you have to do this, Antonio", Gilbert replies. "[Name]", all three shouts. You hear them, but very quiet. You couldn't move, you just want to leave this place.

Then Gilbert opens the bathroom with his method to open locked door. The three guys see you lying on the carpet. Beside you they see the razor and a few centimetres away your phone. Actually they are in shock, but they know, they have to do something.

"Damn, Antonio, call the ambulance", Francis shouts to Antonio. so he grabs his phone and call them. *Are they really here?*, you think, but you couldnt even move a finger of you. Gilbert and Francis go to you and they sit down.

Gilbert takes your body and lays down your head on his knees. You gasp a little. Francis looks at your wounds and whispers: "They are so deep. Why did she do this? Mademoiselle" "I don't know", Gilbert whispers back. He feels tears, so he put down his head and his tears drops on your skin.

Antonio says and sobs: "In a few minutes the ambulance is here". Francis nods and all waiting for them. Gilbert strokes your cheeks and whispers: "I don't want that you die, frau". Francis sobs and hugs you. Antonio goes to you and gives you a kiss on your cheeks and whispers: "We love you"

After a few seconds the ambulance arrives and the paramedics brings you to the ambulancecar. The BTT drive behind the ambulance. In the hospital the doctors try to save you and they need a hour to do their bests. After that, they bring you in a room and the BTT  go behind the nurses until the nurses leave you in a room and the BTT swear to themselfes, to wait until you will wake up.......

A few hours later you open your eyes and immediately all of them recognize that you are awake...finally. You look at the watch and notice it's 11.23 pm. "How are you feeling, Mademoiselle?", Francis asks you. "Why I'm still here? Why are you here? Where am I?", you ask back. "If she has so many question, she is ok, i think so, Francis", Gilbert answers.

Antonio grabs your hand and whispers: "Calm down, chica. You are in hospital and we found you in the bathroom. Why did you want to kill yourself?". You start crying and sob: "You hate me, I love you, all of you". Gilbert try to explains: "We love you too and you don't have to choose, you can have us three" "She can?", Francis asks.

Antonio hit him slightly on his head. "Of course she can", Antonio replies. You smirk and whisper: "You are so cute, guys. But don't you hate me, because I love you all?" "No way, we could never hate you", Antonio says to you.

You smirk again and want to hug them, but you notice that you are tethered on many machines. You sigh and Gilbert hugs you and kiss you, then the same do Francis and at least Antonio. They all say at the same time: "[Name], I love you". You always wished that and you reply: "I love you so much, guys".
I hope you like it, i know it's a bit dramatic, but i love drama :P

i do not own the characters and hetalia
only the story came from my mind
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