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October 27, 2012
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You woke up with a really bad headache. "Auw", you mumble. You notice that you are in soft bed and on the table are some alcohol bottles. Then you see the Bad Touch Trio in the room where you are. "Damn, what we did last night...Ugh probably it's better that I don't know this anymore", you whisper.

Antonio sleep on the floor and Francis and Gilbert are sleeping the middle of the bed and they hug each other. "Damn", you say and giggle. You take a photo of them and think: *They are so cute*. You give the Bad Touch Trio a kiss on their cheeks.

Then you find a few used condoms. "Well, it's disgusting now, but better to use this instead of nothing", you whisper and sigh. You stand up from the bed and carefully you go into another room.

It isn't easy to go in a room, because on the floor are a lot bottles and shards. You see Russia with Belarus and Ukraine. *Well, finally Belarus made it, i think*, your head speak and you look around. "How much have we drunk yesterday?", you whisper and then you see America with a girl you don't know.

You try to remember, but all you know is, that Germany, Italy and Japan flown away to make holidays and you are in Germany's house with all those other peoples and countries. Then you know that you all played a game. You actually didn't know the rules of the game anymore, but it was something about who can drink the most alcohol.

You walk in the house around and notice that England lays on the stairs and China sleep in the bathroom. You go in the kitchen to drink some water, but then you feel hands on your waist and you wince. "Don't be scared of me, it's just me, mon amour", Francis whispers in your ear.

"But you scared me for a few seconds", you reply and he hugs you and whispers: "I'm sorry". Then he take off his hands from you and you look at him. "Did you know what happend yesterday?", you ask him and he replies: "Honononon~ You want to tell me, that you don't have any memories about last night?"

You look at him confuse and say: "I ask you that, so yes, i don't have memories about yesterday, actually not many". Then he walks to you and he hugs you and kisses you. You reply the kiss, but actually you don't know why he kisses you now. "Francis?", you whisper.

"Well, we had an awesome night together. Should i explain to you how long we had the best thing in the world. The Bad Touch Trio were so successful yesterday", he answers and you are just confuse, but you could image what happened. "No, it's ok Francis", you say.
Then you walk back to the bed, where you woke up. You sit down and try to remember more about his night. "I'm glad that this is not my house. It's impossible to clean it", you whisper. Then Antonio woke up, you noticed that and giggle: "Morning".

"Agh...chica, where are we?", he asks you and you laugh. "In Germany's house", you answer and he replies: "Ah ok...". He looks around and it's seem that he has less memories then you. Then he tries to stand up and wiggles to the kitchen. You giggle and grab a beer bottle.

You hold the bottle to Prussia's nose and he whispers: "Bier". You giggle and then he woke up. He looks in your eyes and you stare in his eyes. *Damn, this bautiful red crimson eyes are so...awesome*, you think and he tries to sit up from the bed, but immediately he falls back into the bed.

You laugh and he pulls you down. Gilbert grabs the bottle from your hand and he drinks the beer out. He places the bottle on a table. Then he hugs you and you stare at him. After a few minutes it seem that he falls asleep again. So you place your head onto his chest and you sigh and soon you fall asleep as well.
I know it's a crazy story xDD And you really had a hard party, not bad at all ;D

:iconspainsparklesplz: :iconprussiasparklesplz: :iconfrancesparklesplz:

i do not own the characters and hetalia
only the story came from my mind
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