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1.) It is saturday and you are still asleep in your bed until [4] sits beside your bed and sings your favourite song. What do you do and which song is it?

2.) You have to get up and your first way is to the toilet, but it is occupied. After a while [8] is coming out from your toilet. Will you say something or just go in there?

3.) After that you go to your bathroom. You make yourself fresh and after a while you notice that [2] saw everything. [2] was all the time here and watched you. Your reaction?

4.) You go to the kitchen and you see that [5]'s favourite food is on the table. Will you eat it?

5.) You sit down on your couch and you decide to watch TV, but a few minutes later [10] jumps on you and screams. What happened and what will you do?

6.) After that mess, you get up and go outside. You just take a walk in the park and meet [7]. [7] is very happy to see you and hugs you tight. Your reaction?

7.) [3] bumps into you meanwhile you are talking with [7]. Are you mad now?

8.) You go further alone and look at the shops. You see a pretty dress and stare at it. Suddenly you notice that someone slaps your butt. Quickly you turn around and see that the culprit was [1]. What will you do?

9.) go further. You just thought that you could walk in peace, but that's not the case. [6] is driving with her/his car and stops beside you. [6] grabs you and pulls you inside the car. What do you do? (BTW you can't break free)

10.) After a long drive you finally can get out of the car. You see a mansion and feel a bit awkward. [9] is coming out of the mansion and drags you and [6] in it. What do you think of that?

11.) You sit down on a couch and wait. Suddenly [3] comes in the room and stares at you in a strange way. What will you do?

12.) Well not only [3] is strange now, because [7] comes in the room too and talks nonsense. How do you react?

13.) You flee in another room. You quickly lock the door and see that [10] is sitting on a piano and looks at you. [10]'s eyes have another color now than his/her original. What will you do now?

14.) After that [4] is running to you and screaming somthing. What is [4] screaming and what's going on anyway? Also you notice that [4] acts normal like he/she did before.

15.) You go with [4] into another room and see [5] and [2]. Both have a gun in their hands. What will you do? Will they help you or do they want to kill you and [4]?

16.) Somehow you handled this too, but soon you notice that [8] was all the time here too, his whole clothes are painted in black and red. He also seems a bit crazy. What do you do?

17.) Suddenly no one moves only [9] and [6], which are going to you. Both of them dragged you in here. What will you scream / tell them?

18.) Then you notice that [1] is still missing here, but just in that second [1] comes in the room, looks at everyone and then goes to you. [1] whispers in your ear that this was just a joke. Will you believe it and what will you say?

19.) After that everyone starts to laugh and [1] is slapping your butt again. [4] is asking you if you are mad now. Are you mad now? What will you tell him/her?

20.) [2] is driving you home. Will you talk with him/her about that stupid joke or something else?
Another meme :3 I love Meme's :) I actually want to write fanfictions too, but somehow I have no idea's .... or still to less :( There could be english errors in there x.x You can use non hetalia characters too if you like :3 I hope you like it and does it reminds you on HetaOni? Or/And Halloween?! XDD hehe :P
If you use it, please credit me :3

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we need more members :P
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for number 6 i picked Canad a and when i read 16 i lmaoed
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1. Germany
2. Scotland
3. Greece
4. Romania
5. Turkey
6. Denmark
7. Poland
8. America
9. Norway 
10. Sweden

1. Me: *Blench in suprise* R-Romania, what are you doing here?!
    R: *Stops singing One last time* HAHAHA you should have seen your face! I recorded everything!! *Goes away running*

2. Me: Well good morning Al!
    A: Good morning dudette!

3. Me: S-SCOTLAND!? *blushes a deep red and throws a shampoo bottle at him* Go away you perv!!

4.  Me: It looks sooooooo delicious! But it's Turkey's.... Just a little bite.. *ends up eating the half of it*

5. Me: OH MY GOSH!! ROMANIA I'M GONNA- *turns around and sees Sweden* oh h-hi Sweden *a little intimidated*
    S: Sorry.. prank.. tought you.. Finland
    Me: D-don't worry... I-it's alright

6. Me:  *suffocating* P-poland.. I'm really h-happy to see you t-to but let go o-of me i'm not a-able to breath..
    P: Sorry but I'm like so happy to like see you!! you like don't even like understand!!

7. I wouldn't because it's Greece and I along well with him.. I'm actually happy to see him :)

8. Me: WHAT THE F- *Turns around* GERMANY?!.. WHY DID YOU DO THAT!!
    G: * blushes a deep red* I'm s-sorry it vas an a-aczident..
    Me: *looks at him suspiciously* don't worry... it's alright
    G: *goes away mumbling* I souldn't have listen to mein bruder...

9. Me: Denmark! what are you doing?!
    D: Do you wanna go on ride with me?
    M: Well you should have asked me first before throwing me in your car!!
    D: *smirking* so it's a "yes"
    Me: humph.. I guess so..

10. Norway looks strange... But when Dane saw him, he didn't hesitated to go inside the mansion.. I don't have a car and my house is far from here.. I guess I'll have to go inside to...

11. Me: *uncomfortable* Hum.. Greece are you alright?
      G: *still looking at me* yeah..

12. Well Poland is always talking so it's not strange... BUT Greece is strange..

13. Me: *looks at Sweden really scared* Hum... Mr. Sweden
      S: *still looking at me*...
      M: *starts to panick a little*

14. R: RUN, RUN!!
      Me: is it another of your stupid jokes Romania!! Where is the camera!!
      R: *Takes my hand and runs faster*

15. Me: Are you guys going to kill us?! if it's for the food that I stole I'm sorry Turkey I promi-
      T: It was YOU?!
      Me: yeah but I promise I'll give it back! 
      S: and me? You don't apologize?
      Me: Apologize for what? YOU stalking me when I WAS NAKED!! Hell no!


17. Me: guys what's going on?? Dane why did you bring me here!?

18. Me: WHAT?? *looks around and burst in laughters* You got me guys!

19. Me: oh god guys... GERMANY!! *Slaps him*
      G: S-sorry *thinks: I should really stop*
      R: So.. hum.. Are you mad?
      Me: No, it was scary but at the end funny
      R: *smiles* I'm happy if it made you happy then..

20. S: I'm sorry for what happened today
      Me: The prank? Don't worry i-
      S: No, I  mean the thing that happened this morning..
      Me: ah.. that.. well.. It's alright.. I guess-
      S: No it's not so I apologize..
      Me: *smiles* don't worry I forgive you..
      * A few minutes laters*
      * I get out of the  car*
      S: (My name)?
      Me: yeah?
      S: Even if I apologize... I'm not gonna lie saying I didn't liked what I saw *smirks*
      Me: SCOTLAND! You'll never change..
      S: and that's why you like me *waves and drives away*
      Me: *smiles and goes inside my house*

               THE END

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do what ya like! its your 'imagination~!'
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