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Holy Crab! :iconmizu1993:Mizu1993 7 2
Eisige Kaelte
Tief im Wald, in der Nacht, lag der kalte Schnee.
"Willst du mit mir ein Stück gehen?", fragte eine Stimme.
Ich drehte mich um, sah jedoch keinen.
Langsam nickte ich, ging ein Stück.
Alles war still, nur das Rascheln des Waldes hörte ich, bis ich zu einem See kam.
Endlich merkte ich jemanden hinter mir, nur du warst schneller.
Du umarmtest mich von hinten und zeigtest mir dein Spiegelbild indem ich ins Wasser schaute.
Du hattest blondes Haar, warst genau das Gegenteil von mir und jedoch so gleich.
Als ich mich umdrehen wollte, hieltst du mich fest, so das ich dich nicht sehen konnte.
Für mich war das okay, der weiße Schnee und die klirrende Kälte ließ mich zusammen zucken.
"Ich will immer mit dir zusammen sein", sagte die Stimme zu mir.
Ich merkte die Tränen auf meinem Gesicht, diese Worte wollte ich schon immer hören.
Mein Herz pochte, merkte das Blut durch meine Venen fließen.
Du nahmst meine Hand, sie war so kalt, kälter als mei
:iconmizu1993:Mizu1993 2 0
I love you heart :iconmizu1993:Mizu1993 3 1 Austria, Lower Austria - 13th Nov. (6) :iconmizu1993:Mizu1993 7 0 Austria, Lower Austria - 13th Nov. (5) :iconmizu1993:Mizu1993 3 0 Austria, Lower Austria - 13th Nov. (4) :iconmizu1993:Mizu1993 2 0 Austria, Lower Austria - 13th Nov. (3) :iconmizu1993:Mizu1993 3 0 Austria, Lower Austria - 13th Nov. (2) :iconmizu1993:Mizu1993 2 0 Austria, Lower Austria - 13th Nov. (1) :iconmizu1993:Mizu1993 5 0 Skype Status Meme :iconmizu1993:Mizu1993 4 1
So many dreams
So many dreams are here to accomplish, but how?
Time will probably show us if we can do it or not, but before that
we all have to do something or else they will vanish with us
Some dreams were born at the same time as we were
We have all different kind of dreams, but one of them is for everyone the same
We all share one big dream on this planet
It's called "Love"
:iconmizu1993:Mizu1993 4 3
Tampere 25 :iconmizu1993:Mizu1993 2 0 Tampere 24 :iconmizu1993:Mizu1993 4 0 Tampere 23 :iconmizu1993:Mizu1993 3 0 Tampere 22 :iconmizu1993:Mizu1993 6 0 Tampere 21 :iconmizu1993:Mizu1993 12 1


Hello :icondavils-photography:Davils-Photography 277 56 Indian peafowl :iconfahadee:fahadee 721 44 Ferid Bathory :icononecoloredlily:OneColoredLily 81 17 morning fog :iconelopan:elopan 650 25 Gecko gecko :icondark-raptor:Dark-Raptor 1,271 75 St Joan :iconbramastaaji:BramastaAji 1,934 52 Cos: Assasination Classroom :iconrupyon:Rupyon 461 64 Hyakuya Mikaela :iconpureinsomnia:PureInsomnia 33 0 Set in its ways... :iconstachrogalski:StachRogalski 50 5 {n y c t o p h i l i a } - 1 :iconzingruby:zingruby 1,023 19 Sweet descender :iconstachrogalski:StachRogalski 492 40 Seascapeology :iconglenn-crouch:Glenn-Crouch 436 13 The Flower :iconvermeillerose:VermeilleRose 218 4 Who's there? :iconyellyy:Yellyy 60 4 The Campania Cruise :iconnamisiaa:namisiaa 119 6 Golden Flower :iconvuogle:vuogle 2,248 118


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87 / 100
If you like my art or you don't know what to do with your points please donate me...or give me a llama, I really like them too ;D

Which Chakra Nature Do You Possess?
Which Chakra Nature Do You Possess?
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Hetalia! What Country Are You?
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What Kind of Dere Are You?
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What Type Of Gamer Are You?
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What Type Of Cookie Are You?
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How Mature Do You Think?
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I am an INTJ female, that means I am one of 4 females from 500, also one of 0,5% of the female populations who are INTJ. INTJ are Introvert, Intuitive, Thinker and we judge. INTJ are scientist and are always a step ahead, because they think a lot. Unfortunately I really think sooo much, even it's a easy thing, but it could happen this and that and what happens if I do this or this, can be annoying, but also helpful ^^"
My stats: Introvert (81%) Intuitive (3%) Thinking (44%) Judging (31%)
INTJ people are different, if you talk to much about love with an INTJ, it won't end good. INTJ females are actually leaders, but they don't want to be (like me xD). I can be a good leader in the group if I have to be, but I don't like to be one.
Here is also a nice paragraph: "INTJs are very private people, but more about the feelings thingie. Let's say that the president has called a meeting about an end-of-the-world scenario. Each person invited to attend is a specialist in their field. One of the female delegates is pregnant, looks ready to give birth, and appears quite green about the gills. Most people in the room will enquire after her health. The INTJ will completely ignore the personal situation (the pregnancy) and instead ask for the report. This gives an impression of insensitivity. As previously mentioned, the strategist, scientist, and/or system-builder (all names for the INTJ) is concerned with the task at hand. However, as women are often expected to be the nurturers and communicators of the community, the INTJ woman is at odds with the norm". In the text are more things about INTJ, now I know why so many people don't understand me in so many ways :/ It's not that that I like to be rare, I would like to be normal, I even have a rare disease, but I just want to be like everyone else, but also...that would be boring, right?

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Mizu1993's Profile Picture

Artist | Professional | Varied

Welcome to my page,
I am 24 and I was born on 10th January 1993 in Vienna. Since june 2014 I am finally a fully legal mediadesigner xD I hate my life and I am not really optimistic and my life is a mess. I love to write Fanfictions, but I also make pics and Flash games and Memes. I am also 1/1 Austrian, 1/3 Hungarian, 1/4 Italian, 1/5 German, 1/6 Polish, and there is also some spanish...but just a little bit, but I can just talk german and english fully and a bit japanese. I am very shy, but if I know someone longer, it's actually the opposite O.o I love Winter more than summer. I hate heat, it's so much nicer when it's cold and everywhere is snow :3 I would like to make friends all over the world, so if you want to know about me something or you just want to talk, I always write back.

Anime which I love:
❤ Naruto
❤ Hetalia
❤ Death Note
❤ Noragami
❤ Kuroshitsuji
❤ Vampire Knight
❤ Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro
❤ Assassination Classroom
❤ Mirai Nikki
❤ Seraph of the End
Sword Art Online
Akuma no Riddle
Attack on Titan
Noblesse: Awaking
No Game No Life
Ranma 1/2
Shaman King
Diabolic Lovers
Lucky Star
Ouran High School Host Club

Games which I love:
❤ Final Fantasy
❤ Devil May Cry
❤ Naruto
❤ Dragon Age
❤ Tales of Xillia
❤ Galerians: Ash
❤ HetaOni
❤ Undertale
Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth
Assassins Creed
Beyond: Two Souls
Marvel vs. Capcom
Mortal Kombat
God of War
Hatoful Boyfriend
...aaand a few more :3 I can get addicted to games

I know there are a lot people who hate me for that who I am.
My personality and opinions are different from most of people, but...

If you want to talk about your darkness deep down in your heart,
you found the right one to talk about it

Bilder oder Fotos hochladen

Haha, I kinda like crazy Sasuke xD He makes me feel like
I am not the only one who is that insane.

Unfortunately the other gifs I had here before, got deleted D: So I had to fine a new one. It's not the best, but still nice to watch ^^"

Akane-chan :3 Neuro-sama *-* Yako-chan ^^

:RainbowBummiesParade: by MenInASuitcase :RainbowBummiesParade: by MenInASuitcase :RainbowBummiesParade: by MenInASuitcase

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I was already in:

Rainbow 8D by MyrthJ Rainbow 8D by MyrthJ Rainbow 8D by MyrthJ

Capricorn 2 by SquallxZell-Leonhart Capricorn-stamp by ZeroIQ5 Horoscope: Capricorn by Devilnumber2 .:.Zodiac Stamp-Capricorn.:. by xEternaLTwilighTx Capricorn Stamp by puppetlover
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Winter Stamp by Kezzi-Rose Winter Stamp by Khallysto Rain Stamp by Stamp221 Rain Stamp by Zephyr-Stamp Night Person Stamp by ClearBlueSkys
Daily... by prosaix I Write Fanfics Stamp by KisumiKitsune I am a Roleplayer Stamp by KisumiKitsune Writers Stamp by shadow-wolf-haunts I am a DAYDREAMER Stamp by KisumiKitsune

Me and :iconshammiee: formed a new group today which is called ArtOfGameDevelopement ^^

Since a lot of people want to create games, but never have so much time, here is a group that might help you and find other People. The more people join, it is likely that you find someone who could help you with a project, if you have one. But of course this is not the only reason why we made this group. It is always interesting to meet people who love Game Design, Game Developement, Coding,... It's a good place there to find people to talk to. Since we did the Group today, there is a lot work for Shammie and me and it is just at the beginning, but if people join more and more, than it is also easier to find someone ;) We are both everyday in DeviantArt, so this group won't go to sleep so soon.



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